our services

Corporate consulting and management

  • Establishment and management of companies under Swiss law
  • Acquisitions and disposals
  • Corporate domiciliation services
  • Assumption of mandates as directors, managers, proxies
  • Personnel Management
  • Opening bank accounts

Accounting and administrative management for SMEs and independents

  • Bookkeeping in general
  • Preparation of annual accounts in accordance with Swiss principles
  • Preparation of VAT statements
  • Personnel management (salaries, social insurance, withholding taxes, work permits)
  • Accounting and administrative consultancy

Tax consultancy

  • ¬† Preparation of tax returns for legal persons
  • Preparing tax returns for individuals
  • Tax planning for natural and legal persons
  • Consultancy and VAT management Switzerland
  • Withholding tax declarations
  • Representation towards the tax authorities
  • Support in the preparation of budgets
  • Budget analyses in support of founding applications
  • Advice on business transfer planning
  • Administrative office for non-resident indipendents

Consulting to private individuals

  • Moving house, moving house, household goods
  • Residence and work permit practices
  • Practices related to leases
  • Insurance practices in general
  • Secretarial work and general administration


Legal advice

  • Drawing up and evaluating contracts in general according to national regulations
  • Advice in the fields of labour, tenancy and corporate law

Spoken languages

Italian, french, german, english, spanish and Ticinese dialect.

To ensure that you have all the necessary information and that our services are in line with your financial needs, we are available to answer any questions you may have.

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